Sharafuddin School

  • School Population 1098
  • No. of students snorkeled 1098
  • % of Students Snorkeled 100%
Sn Atoll - Addu Atoll
Posted by Sharafuddin School | 13 Sep 2018 |
The students requested support from Addu City Council for their effort in reducing waste, increasing awareness among the community and reducing ONE TIME USE PLASTIC waste in Addu city.
Posted by Sharafuddin School | 26 Aug 2018 | Sharafuddin School
Every class was asked to design posters on the theme Farukoe. These posters were displayed around school campus during interschool netball competition as part of the awareness program during the tournament.
Clean Up Event on 06/07/2018 Valimaa Miskiy Fannu
  • 15 Volunteers
  • Spent
  • 2 Bags Collected
Posted by Sharafuddin School | 08 Aug 2018 | Sharafuddin School
When students parents and teachers were requested not to bring one time use plastic bottles from the date given onward student water bottles were replaced by durable bottles along with teachers. Even the school canteen stopped selling water bottles and replaced them with water and drinks in glasses. From about 500 bottles a day, within a weeks time the number reduced to almost none.