Shamshudheen School

  • School Population 277
  • No. of students snorkeled 277
  • % of Students Snorkeled 100%
Sn Atoll - Addu Atoll
Clean Up Event on 20/07/2018 Meedhoo Beach side
  • 85 Volunteers
  • Spent
  • 5 Bags Collected
Posted by Shamshudheen School | 04 Aug 2018 | Near Ismehela Hera Channal
In this activity students were given training on safety procedure to follow before, during and after snorkeling. Students explored the reef area near the 'Ismehela Hera Channal. students have reported that they have seen multicolored corals and fishes and other marine organisms. but sadly they have reported that there was coral bleaching so actions need to be taken to replace the dead corals.