Nooranee School

  • School Population 62
  • No. of students snorkeled 62
  • % of Students Snorkeled 100%
Sn Atoll - Addu Atoll
Posted by Nooranee School | 06 Nov 2018 | Hankede, S.hithadhoo
Students and Teachers along with Parents went to Hankede, S.Hithadhoo for the Farukoe programme at 07:00 am. Breakfast was organized and after having breakfast there was a small briefing on how the cleaning programme was going to take place. All the equipment such as rakes, gloves and dustbin bags were provided in order to make the task go smoothly. At 07:45 am we started cleaning the area and finished cleaning the whole area by 09:30 am. After we made the area plastic and waste-free, we took students for a swim in the shallow water under the supervision of very capable parents and teachers. While students were enjoying, waste collection service pickup arrived to pick the collected waste bags at 10:00 am. We left the area at 10:30 am back to the school.
Posted by Nooranee School | 07 Aug 2018 | Koattey, S.Hithadhoo
Students explored the reef and Preschool students cleaned the beach. A pre & post briefing activity was carried out by the MNDF and the school. After the reef and beach exploration, students did a reflection on what they observed and experienced