Mathiveri School

  • School Population 194
  • No. of students snorkeled 194
  • % of Students Snorkeled 100%
Aa Atoll - Mathiveri
Posted by Mathiveri School | 01 Sep 2018 | AA.Mathiveri Finolhu
Reef exploration and beach cleaning of an uninhabited Island Finolhu were meticulously planned and executed with the help of Mathiveri Council, Mathiveri police ,Parents and Staff. The stars of that day are Foundation & KS 1 students.For most of them it was a thrilling moment as it was their first experience.
Posted by Mathiveri School | 09 Aug 2018 | Mathiveri Reef (East)
Having had the first experience last month with KS 3 students, we have now become more sensitive to the ecological needs of the ocean and enthusiastic about exploring more with our KS 2 students. Once again we are thankful to God for the conducive weather, Mathiveri Council, Mathiveri Health Center, Mathiveri Police station, Guesthouses and all the well-wishers especially our friends who provided us with dinghy.
Posted by Mathiveri School | 09 Aug 2018 | Mathiveri Reef (North)
It was indeed a fruitful day where we, the staff, students, and some parents with the guidance of the Mathiveri Police Personnel set out in venturing into the Ocean Reefs at the dawn of the Day. Thanks to Almighty for the beautiful weather which facilitated our exploration. The guesthouses of Mathiveri were very helpful in making this event safe and sound through their contribution of snorkeling kits. Finally, we are grateful to Mathiveri Council and the Mathiveri Health Center for their benevolence.