About Farukoe

We Protect What We Love

We believe that the Farukoe community will allow the students and the kids of Maldives to become more conscious of their environment, their reef and the ocean, and take an active role in understanding the marine life. This experiential learning will help children explore the reef, fall in love with the marine life and become the ambassadors of the Ocean and protect it.

Farukoe is a ‘marine community’ building initiative of the Ministry of Education, Maldives and Cambridge University Press, South Asia. Through snorkeling, cleaning the beaches and banning plastic the children would realize the necessity of co-existing with the ocean for their own existence. The Community focuses on connecting the students, educators and all the children of Maldives to become the ‘Voice for the Ocean’.


As they participate, the students and kids are recognized for their efforts and contribution in shaping the future of their nation. Farukoe thus, is a conscious effort to educate and enlighten the kids and students of Maldives, by helping them foresee the future and preparing them to live in harmony with the ocean.