1. child of the reef
  2. an ocean exploration program by the Ministry of Education, Maldives
  3. an unofficial local name coined by a group of Maldivian scuba divers for Nudibranchs, tiny shell-less marine mollusks found in all the world’s oceans

Origin: Dhivehi Language, Maldives

Farukoe is an ocean exploration program by the Ministry of Education of the Maldives that invites every single school student of the Maldives to explore the reefs around them by the end of 2018.

The urgency for our kids to see the reefs by the end of 2018 stems from the fact that our oceans and reefs are changing every day. Maldivian islands are built of the reef, by the reef. As the protection of the environment is critical to our existence, we cannot tackle it in a fragmented manner. It must be a national movement in which everyone is accounted for. Each student, each parent, each school and

each island must be inspired to become supporters, as rising up together is the root of change.

We strongly feel that giving our kids the chance to explore and experience the water around them precedes them becoming a voice for our oceans. To this effect, our main goal is exposing every school child to the reef around or nearby their island. Only then will they develop a strong love and bond with the ocean and once this happens, we believe that a passion for protecting the ocean will follow organically. Our goal is to inspire every child to become a Voice for the Ocean.

how to become


Ban single use plastic bags and bottles

Snorkel a nearby and accessible reef

Set up a community plastic interception point

Through Farukoe,

23,350 Maldivian students have already gone snorkeling this year.

Most of them experienced the reef for the first time in their lives.

Check out these exciting updates from our Farukoe across the Maldives!

Posted by Keyodhoo School | 06 Apr 2022 |
Clean Up Event on 26/02/2021 Kunburudhoo School
  • 160 Volunteers
  • Spent
  • 50 Bags Collected
Posted by Kunburudhoo School | 02 Mar 2021 |
Clean Up Event on 23/02/2021 School Campus
  • 50 Volunteers
  • Spent
  • 2 Bags Collected
Posted by Magoodhoo School | 29 Nov 2018 | reef
all the students from LKG , UKG to grade 10 participated the event. parents , teachers and all the staffs also participated the program
Posted by Magoodhoo School | 29 Nov 2018 |
beach cleanup by LKG , UKG students and their parents. also all the staff of school participated the activity.
Posted by Dhiggaru School | 26 Nov 2018 | Dhiggaru
Farukoe Reef exploration for Foundation stage #voicefortheocean
Clean Up Event on 16/08/2018 whole island
  • 42 Volunteers
  • Spent
  • 4 Bags Collected
Posted by Himmafushee School | 25 Nov 2018 | Himmafushi South East Reef
Posted by Himmafushee School | 25 Nov 2018 |
Posted by Himmafushee School | 25 Nov 2018 | Himmafushi South East Reef
Conducted reef exploration program for all the students. Program was started 7:30 in the morning and continued the program till 12:30 in the afternoon. 172 students and all the academic and non-academic staff were participated .




Schools Have Set Up Plastic Interception Points



% Maldivian School Population is Complete


Students Have Gone Snorkeling


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